Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wine...Be Gone...

I woke up this morning, to Belle's beautiful poem.  (See comments from yesterday's blog)

I am tired of struggling with thoughts that I could drink one or two and be fine.   I want that to end.  I decided to empty that bottle of red wine in my fridge that's been haunting me for the last 24 days.  I compare it to having a child with a nut allergy.  If my baby was allergic to peanuts, I'd be damned if I kept peanut butter in my house.
Well, I feel like I'm allergic to Wine.  Makes me sick!  Why keep it in my house.  I'm a fool to think that it's for my friends when they visit me.  I'm only kidding myself.  I kept it there in case I needed it one day.    Hell yeah!  I need it and I want it and I'm tired of convincing myself not to pour a glass.  So, now it's gone...down the drain.

Thank God for Blogs
Jen  Day 24

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  1. well i'm glad i didn't offend you ... and super glad to see you pouring out the booze. you're allergic to wine, but so are most other people they just don't admit it. I went to an outdoor concert and was shocked at how many people MUST have a drink in their hands at all time. Really? is there no other way to have fun than to be sloshed? it's just not true. no point in torturing yourself about something that isn't even true ...

  2. Hi Jen,
    Alcohol is a powerful drug and poison, and we are all allergic to it, it natures way of saying don't go doing your body over.

    You don't really need it you know! If you think you need it, and you think you want it, but you're not going to give it to your deserving self, its going to assume a kind of forbidden fruit status in your mind, and we're all too clever and strong willed to deny ourselves what we think we need and want and life becomes a battle in your mind which is why willpower alone is just so hard.

    This time around, I've really attacked the reasons why I used to think have a drink was a great idea. So now I can head off the thought of "need" or "want" with a simple "why?" and "don't bother".

    Having said that, I'm much happier not having it in my face every day, so we've stopped storing alcohol in the fridge as neither of us are drinking it! It had the potential to become annoying.

    Take care and stay strong, Paul

  3. Hi Jen
    Dont know why I have missed your last few posts. Thought I had signed up. Anyway so great to reconnect and see you are doing so well! Well done. Cleo xx