Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm all over the place

I feel all over the place right now. My mind is trying to convince me that because it's going to be 30 degrees Celcius, I could use a cold beer. My mind is giving me shit for not joining my partying neighbours last night. My mind is saying I've worked hard. What's one more day of fuck up?

My heart says otherwise.

I woke up this morning feeling shitty. I went for a good run.  Now I'm sitting here with a nasty craving. It will pass.

Here is a picture of my barking dogs.

I read someone's post last night that says she knows she had a problem but CAN'T stop drinking. This was my response:

...and yes you can do it! You are empowered to put in your body what you choose to put in your body! You are empowered to make good or bad choices. You are empowered to live a happy healthy sober life if that's what you really want. 
We are given one body, one mind and one life.... That's it! If we destroy one of these three things, we have nothing left!

I hope to help people once in a while. I won't drink today. I know I'll get past this moment and desire to drink. I know where I'll be at midnight and I know I won't have a hangover in the morning!

Told you I was all over!

Have a great sober day!


  1. there are just some days where i'm all over the place too - fine in the morning, then wacky in the evening. the good part is when i go to bed early, sometimes just to escape, then i wake up and it's morning again :) sober mornings are the best.

    i guess what i mean is that a crummy grumpy evening doesn't mean you have to drink. so you're grumpy. so what? being grumpy won't kill you. there's nothing scary about being grumpy. just shrug. you're grumpy. big freaking deal. (as mrs d would say, this is living sober. it's really not THAT hard to be grumpy, is it? i don't know 'bout you, but it comes pretty naturally to me!)

    1. I love this! It's hard to sit thru the uncomfortable feelings, but each time we do it victoriously we gain strength for the next time!