Friday, 24 August 2012

What makes me tick

These things make me tick.  They really make my heart pound. Now that I'm sober I'm breathing through these crazy hectic moments.  I have to deal with them and convince my body to calm down. I tell myself, time will pass and these things that are making me tick will pass too, eventually.

1.  My fighting children

2.  When my children are rude and forget their manners

3.  My annoying step-mother-in-law.  She talks excessively and she is very hyper. I can't get a word in edgewise

4.  My ex hubby who is moving out Tuesday

5.  My barking dogs.

6.  My big butt

7.  My son's dirty bathroom. We share the shower and the toilet and clothes on the floor are disgusting. He's 21.

8.  When my son or ex comes home after I'm sleeping and I'm awoken by the door or barking dogs

9.  Students that are lazy and don't care about succeeding

10.  Bills

When I drank, all these things were easy to deal with.  Now I have to live it up sober not because I really have to but because I want to!



  1. O wow! This is near enough the same list that has me texting my dealer. Replace Mother in law with mother and "Big butt" with "teeth ruined through addiction" and we're almost there . . . There is always one of the list featuring. I'm gonna try again today so so hard.
    You're doing great Jen and I'll keep coming back for inspiration. I know I can do this . . . Kids are up now, expect they'll be fighting before long. But I'm gonna fight today, big time!
    Love and respect to you Jen x

  2. i'm not sure if these things were easier when you were drinking, or maybe they were just easier to let slide. now you can deal with them one by one until the problems get smaller and smaller. Your 21-year-old will move out any day now (i moved out at 17!). your ex is nearly gone. bit by bit these will all change for the better, every single one of them. you grow and shine more every day and then the problems just get smaller and smaller :)