Monday, 6 August 2012

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Control Alcohol By: Allen CarrI started reading this book on January 7th, 2012.  I think this book is amazing and Allen Carr really gives us a great insight on alcohol and society, how alcohol is a poison to our bodies and advice on how to quit drinking...not just control it.  His title says " control alcohol..." but after you read it, you won't want it.  
I did read the book in its entirety, while I was drinking in hopes that it would lead me to sobriety.  Many of us are constantly searching for a way out.   But, I didn't find sobriety after I read it.  I learned a lot though.  Maybe, I wasn't ready to quit.  Maybe, I didn't have a great support system, like I have now, through blogging.

Anyway, today I am going to open the book up again and read it thoroughly.  I want to share some of Allen Carr's stuff with you as I read it.

Here are some notes that I took on my iPad as I read the book a while back.  I just found them and thought they were appropriate for a day like today.

Allen Carrs Notes

A detailed instruction

1.   Think    "Isn't it great!   My life is no longer controlled by devastation!"

2.  Having made what I know to be the correct decision, never EVER question THAT decision!

3.  Do not try to avoid thinking about the fact that I no longer drink alcohol!  There is no need NOT to think about it!

4.  There is a little monster living inside of me wanting to be fed alcohol!   The monster exist BUT he will die soon!  I need to realize that he's lost his power over me!   I now control him!

5.  Don't worry if I forget that I quit. Just never doubt my decision!   Say. This is the death throws of the goblins on my back!

Remember the suffering when I quit is not because I quit drinking but because I started!

6.  Do not wait until I become a non-drinker!   I spent most of my life in prison. I want to be alive and live it up!  

I am free today. February 6th, 2012. I didn't drink Saturday or Sunday. So official date is February 4th, 5 days before my 41st birthday!
I love feeling this freedom. I do feel that monster on my back quite often but I'm gonna fight him off. I emptied my fridge from booze today!

Isn't this a funny statement that I wrote way back then.

7.  Know I will have bad days!  It's not because I quit drinking. It's because life has stressful moments. I have to take these moments and live with the awareness that surrounds me.   I want to feel healthier, confident, wealthy and mindful!

8.  I am in control of the craving and it's not the other way around.     I am free from the nightmare or I can mope for a drink!

9. Do not mourn. I will go through a grieving process but time will heal that and life moves on. 
BUT when an enemy dies, do we mourn?   There's no need to mourn.    We rejoice!  We're free!

10. Socialize and go to party immediately!  See that I could have fun without booze!

11. Resist the temptation to convert friends

4 things alcohol ravages through are time, money, energy and love
12.  Do not use substitutes!

Love you all!  Thank God for Blogs!  Have a great Day!
Day 21-1


  1. don't you love reading over old notes to yourself! at least you can sort of smile about it now :) We love you too. Thank god for blogs, indeed. Have a great day yourself. Love, Your Blogging Rock (or just the rock in your shoe that won't go away ...) ~Belle

  2. I finished this book just the other day, and after Jason vales book I got the message loud and clear. So much easier (for me) to see that there are zero valid reason to drink, rather than what some other books go on about, which is trying to avoid the temptation, or controlling your intake, of something that you inherently feel is a good thing.

    He raises a few interesting points. I like the idea that strong willed people can lose it to alcohol because they are strong willed, strong enough to overcome their common sense, and he talks about the inner conflict. Take away the reasons for a drink, and the will to have one is gone. Also, the idea that we should listen to our human nature as a higher power was helpful. Your body has evolved over many years with in built signals for when things are good and bad. We should learn to listen more carefully. Im glad you are on track today, and take care, Paul.