Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I Feel Like Shit

I am having a shitty day/night.  My neighbors are sitting out there drinking right now and they called me over for a beer or wine or shot or whatever I want.  I want to go there soooo bad!  I feel like my body is going through withdrawals very badly.  I've been extremely tired all friggen day.  I tried to nap, but I couldn't.  I felt like I didn't know what to do with myself today.  I ate chips, cheezies and ice cream and popcorn all day!   Arg!
I think I'm getting very antsy because I must go home Friday to my ex-husband still living in my house.  I can't imagine the stress and strain that will be present.

Could my body be withdrawing from alcohol today?  I am on Day 23-1 after all.  I just want to sit with my buddies and drink and laugh and unwind and pass out so that my brain could stop thinking for 10 minutes.

I can't wait till this day is done and I could crawl into my cuddly little bed and close my eyes and dream of a better day tomorrow.


  1. there's certainly a possibility that there's still junk in your system that's not 100% back to normal. but also there's probably a difference between a physical craving and an emotional one... i try to see the emotional cravings as 'obsessings' because for me that's what they really are. I will obsess for a few minutes, something like "why can't i, i'll just have one, it's not fair, everyone is being so mean, this is ridiculous," etc.

    I've also written poetry. it goes like this:

    Ode to red wine.
    fuck you
    fuck fuck you
    fuck you

    ~ love, Belle xoxo

  2. in retrospect, it's probably not polite to swear on other people's blogs. it's probably offensive. let me edit my poem: Ode to red wine. you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck, you suck. suck.
    ~ love, Belle xoxo