Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rough day BUT...

I had a couple of rough hours with huge cravings for beer to relieve my stresses today but I took deep breaths instead, ate pumpkin seeds and drank lots of water!

I finally settled kids to bed and am able to relax and read blogs.  I discovered a new blog today and when I wrote my amount of sober days, something didn't seem right so I took my calendar and counted...

I'm at day 27!  Day 27!  I thought I was at day 24.  I feel so excited because it's almost been a whole month!...and weather...surrounded by beer

I did have one slip up last week sometime but I remained sober so I refuse to start over. It just made me stronger and helped me realize that I really don't want booze as part of my life!  I will deduct a day from my count though and officially say that I haven't had a drink in 26 days!

Thanks to all my blogging friends.  You have helped me tremendously on this journey so far.  

It was a rough day BUT...I can go to sleep feeling blessed and grateful for being sober. 

Day 26


  1. Jen, 27 days - 1 is awesome! You're so inspiring with your honesty and enthusiasm. Enjoy your sober sleep and being refreshed and hangover-free in the morning.
    You are so kicking this :)
    Imogen xo

  2. isn't it nice to learn that a rough day does not equal alcohol. it just equals a rough day ... some days suck rocks. doesn't mean anything. other days are glorious :) hooray for you.

  3. isn't it nice to be able to tell those cravings to shut up? and it works! can't wait to get to where you are now in your count!