Thursday, 30 August 2012

Facing Challenges!

Well, I have so much to say and I'm not to sure where to begin!

 I have accomplished many items on my To-do list this week including staying sober and running! I was faced with many challenges too! It all begins with Wednesday morning, yesterday actually.

I got up feeling quite anxious! It was the first day back to work, after a beautiful and relaxing summer. I knew I'd meet up with all my colleagues so I felt nervous to see them again. I also knew that two of my "drinking" partners/colleagues invited themselves over to my place for a few drinks after the meeting How can I say no? After all, I haven't seen any of them all summer. They didn't know that I had quit drinking and honestly at this point, I didn't feel like I wanted to have quit drinking.

 I dropped off my kids at my ex's new place before work and my daughter locked my friggen keys in the door. OMG! How do you spell STRESS. I had a little panic attack! First, because I was at my ex's, second, I was supposed to pick up a collegue and third, I knew I was going to be late on the first day back! After a half hour of prying the door and inserting a wire hanger to unlock it, I was off to work! I survived the morning, and felt like I wanted to lie to my buddies and tell them that I had other plans, so that they wouldn't come over. Then, I thought, fuck it! Why not have a few drinks with them? Then I thought, do I really want a hangover on day 2 of work? Then I thought, I've come too far and I feel great. I thought about the leftover booze I have scattered around this house. I also knew that my friends missed me, and just wanted to spend time with me, knowing I just went through separation again.

 Anyhow, they came over with their coolers of booze. I had planned a run right before they got here so I had a great excuse to drink water!

 When they opened their second beer, one of my friends starting talking about how shitty she feels because she drank everyday this summer with her hubby and they were both thinking of quitting or "drinking socially".

 I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to tell my very good friends the truth! I simply said that I had quit July 16th with 2 days of drinking. I didn't tell them I was an alcoholic. I just said I wanted to run and be healthy and told them how great I felt!

She said "What? July? Are you kidding me? How did you do it? Wow! That's amazing! I'm so proud of you!"

Well, I couldn't help but stare at her reaction. She was my drinking buddy! We went to the bar in our PJ pants one day after drinking a few! We stayed at staff parties till the end! Wow, I thought!

 How could it be this easy? If I would have had a Staples Easy Button, I would have pushed it. All day, I spent my energy focusing on booze and lying, and cheating, and worried, and anxious. All day, I could have been focusing on something more positive and better.

 When she left, I thanked her for her support. She said she wanted to cut back too and she was proud of me! Wow! What a great feeling I had! I am pleased that I was strong enough to get passed the stress and cravings I had that day! I am more pleased with myself today because I just got this text from my friend:

Have I told you today how proud of u I am, ur my role model to quit drinking after this long weekend and get fit, thx for that my dear friend

 The biggest message I will take from this is that you never know who and when you will be helping someone.
I also learned to face my challenges head on! No taking the easy way out anymore! My true friends will always be there for me, whether I'm drinking or not.
I also learned that I am fun even without booze!

Many life lessons for me this week!
Going to camp tomorrow to rest my brain. Going to relax and catch up on my blogging friends lives!


  1. it is so fantastic to read this update. your friends are proud of you and YOU are proud of you. doesn't get much better than that! sure you may occasionally have a craving or a weird drinking thought, but you know how to deal with them (running, by being honest). look how strong you are :) you rock.

  2. What wonderful realisations for you.

    "All day, I spent my energy focusing on booze and lying, and cheating, and worried, and anxious."

    That's the booze talking but you kicked it aside and your honesty has helped your friends. Love this post.