Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meeting "non-drinking" Friends

I'm not sure how to title this post.  I'm not sure what to say...but I am writing because I have to.  It makes me feel better and it gives me the strength to stay sober.
I woke up early and had a nice run.  When I got back to camp, I just wanted to sleep.  Maybe I'm overworking my body, maybe I'm overworking my brain, maybe the sun wasn't shining and I felt depressed.
Bridal Vail Falls
I read through a few blogs and here I am.  I'm still at camp.  Someone asked where's camp.  It's on Beautiful Manitoulin Island in Canada.  My camp is a little peace of Heaven for me.  I bought it last year as a getaway from town for my children and I.  They love it here.  It is very family oriented and the kids have many friends.  I get to do a lot of soul searching.  I need to do a lot of soul searching.
Here are a few pics of where I am and what I see on a daily basis
Providence Bay
Swing Bridge to get to Island

Lake Mindemoya

At this time last year, I would have been drinking my beer, working around the yard, not really paying attention to the beauty I see during the I do now.  

Anyhow, I am a very social person and on my quest for sobriety, I must say I have met a few new people this year.  I also met some people "again", which means I probably met them last year when I was half snapped and don't remember.  How embarrassing!  It really sucked to hear people say, yeah, I've met you before and they look at me looking like a deer caught in headlights at night.   I must sound like a real idiot.  

I met a couple of people this year, had deep conversations with them and found some beautiful non-drinking friends.  I met one girl who was telling me that her dad drank a lot when she was a child and she refused to be like him.  She made the conscious decision not to drink her life away.  Geez, why didn't I think of that when I was 12?  All I could think of is how I was gonna steal booze from my parents without them knowing...adding water to liquor bottles.  
I also met a very nice man, who doesn't drink.  He just was never a big drinker and was raised in a nice home of non-drinkers.  Yes, he is single.  I'll wait till the separation is final and my life is on track for this kinda stuff.  LOL.  What's funny too is now that I'm going to be a single "sober" person, meeting a special person may be quite difficult for me.  I've always been "feeling good" when kissing a man for the first time...always had a couple of drinks to get rid of jitters.  I'm kinda excited to really feel those jitters run through my topic...

I must say, I feel so awesome, being able to be "sober" with my new friends.  They have no clue what I'm going through but it feels nice just to know and see other "sober" my new friends.

I wonder if we would be as close friends as we are today, if I'd been boozing for the last 23 days!  They probably wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me.  I hope to keep meeting people that don't drink.  It's nice to have a cup of tea or water with someone and have great conversations....something I'm learning to do day by day.

All I know is it is sunny here and I think I'm going to take my kiddies to the beach!

Thank God for Blogs!!

Bless you all

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  1. look at all the cool adventures you're having sober. i can just imagine sober dating. how freaky! won't it be amazing to actually remember all of it :) Happy Day 23.