Friday, 10 August 2012

Struggling Friends

I wrote a comment on a friend's blog today!  I wanted to share with everyone who is struggling to conquer the battle of booze.

I just finished reading through your blog and wow, do you ever remind me of what I went through for the last 5 years!
I quit so many times and felt all those shitty feelings that you feel. I guess the biggest reason I quit this time ( day 24) is because a friend once told me that he quit because he wanted to show his children that they can be stronger than him when they grow up and are faced with tough decisions in their lives! I want my kids to grow up and make healthy choices, in all aspects of their lives. If I can't conquer something like alcohol, what does that teach them?
I also quit because of my beer belly. It was growing way too fast for me. I love beer with a passion. It was my BFF just like you!
I also quit because I was starting to drink earlier in the day just to "cure" my hangovers! I am tired of hangovers. They are aging me...way too quickly!
My health is important to me. I started running again, 24 days ago, and did a 10K this morning! I want to run a marathon! Big goals...
All these goals that we want cannot be done if we continue to drink. I bought cases of water bottles and load them in the fridge. I always have one in my hand, especially around people that drink! Nice cold water running through my body...hydrating me keeping that beer belly down! Oh yeah baby!
I am really hoping that you could get yourself out of your rut! I want to help you! Helping you would keep me sober too! If you've read my blog, you'll notice I struggle often!

But I'm beating it! I love going to bed without booze in my body. I love it!

When you're ready to set a date and do it, I can send you my email address and help you pull through the shit! I'll try anyway!

Take care of yourself! Hugs! Jen

I also wanted to talk about EMPOWERMENT.  We really have the power to make decisions that will affect us in a positive or negative way.  We have the power. 
I will continue on this subject tomorrow.  I must hit the sack and get some awesome sober zzzzzzzs



  1. you really are beating it, jen, and you're an inspiration for your friend blogger, and for others who are still lurking, and for me! honestly, if i'm having a shit day, i just have to think of you quitting at camp surrounded with all the drinkers, setting an example for your kids, and that confirms that I couldn't possibly drink. Jen is doing it, so can i :)

  2. Good on you Jen. It makes my day when you post and I'm glad your here with us on this journey. We both covered alcohol and children today, how funny! It's not the first time I've seen the topic bought up multiple bloggers...synchronicity! I'm impressed with your ten Kim's! Last year I was running up to fourteen but then my knee catastrophically gave out. Now I'm flat out running...anywhere. Very disappointing. Now it's all gym training, and perhaps I'll try swimming if I can master alternate breathing. Take care and hopefully hear from you soon!

  3. Jen I thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting in such an inspirational way!