Thursday, 4 October 2012

That First Drink I get it!

Instead of trying to figure out how many we could handle -4?- 6?- a dozen?-- we remember , "just don't pick up that first drink". (taken from Living Sober)

If we do not take the first drink, we will never get drunk and have the negative effects of alcohol in our lives.  The experience we have when drinking one or two socially and being "okay" leads us to believe we are safe to drink socially.  This experience leads us to believe we could drink safely....then something happens...
We drink more because we think we are safe and "okay"..... Which leads us to a life right back where we started.  One that many of us don't really want anymore!

It amazes me how my mind thinks right now at this moment. In all my years of struggling with booze, and quit, how many times have I heard "Stay away from that first drink"?  Why didn't I listen?  I even spent 21 days in rehab five or six years ago , away from my children, learning not to take the first drink.   I wasn't ready is all I could answer.  I wasn't listening. I wasn't understanding it!

I want to reach out to those people that are just starting out....just looking to find ways to stay sober.....

Feel ready to quit?  Fed up?  Tired?   It is tough to give up things we love, but it is so worth it!  The healthy feeling and freedom we get from sobriety is amazing!  Staying away from that first drink is probably the toughest thing we have to do!  But, it is soooooo worth doing it!  In the morning, when everyone else had the drink, we wake up healthy and refreshed and happy with our decisions.   We wake up feeling Alive!


  1. A well timed post for me, thank you. It's something I'm still struggling with even though I know I'd never have just one :-(

  2. An old AA saying, I think, goes along the lines of "one drink is too much....a dozen is not enough". I'm glad you are thinking this way, and remember that each subsequent drink lessons our ability to make sound healthy judgements. I never had a bender that didn't start with that first drink! TC Paul.