Monday, 15 October 2012

People who get on your Nerves

Isn't it a perfect time for me to read Chapter 5 in Living Sober.

We all deal with people who get our nerves and sometimes we think "Damn it, I need a drink so I can stop thinking of that anus or biatch".
We sometimes probably thought at one time or another that our drinking problem was someone else's fault!  I actually blamed my ex-husband for years!  I thought that he brought on so much stress in my life that I needed the drink to unwind so that I didn't punch him in the face on a daily basis.  The drink kept me grounded and I thought.
Many times, we drank just because everyone else was drinking and we wanted to "fit" in.
Many times, we gave reasons for our drinking so that people understood why we drank so much and shouldn't criticize us.  There were many days I said aloud "If you lived with my ex, you'd drink too or if you had to put up with my students, you'd drink too."  "

Live and Let Live

It is this line that allows us to realize that we cannot control other people.  We cannot control what other people do or say or how they act.  We can, however, control OUR reactions and actions when we encounter such individuals that just get on our nerves.

Do we really want to allow some annoying anus or biatch to take part of our sobriety away that we want so badly?  They are not worth it!  We've come too far!

I will not pick up a drink because my ex texts me 15 times a day with nasty messages!  I will not pick p a drink because my neighbour annoys me so much.  I will not pick p a drink because my son drives me nuts and leaves his dirty underwear on the floor every damn day!

Life is full of people.  We must find people in our lives that are positive and able to bring out the best in us!  The sober us!

I ran my half marathon this weekend. It was the most amazing experience of my life!  Out of 10 000 people, I placed 3 500th. I finished in 2:00 on the dot!   I will continue to run and participate in races. It keeps me focused on my health.   If you could never do are wrong!  If I can do it, you can!  Trust me!   You have it in YOU (mind, body, spirit)  to do anything you want to do for yourself!  

God Bless!


  1. wowie, sounds like your half was AMAZING :) what a superb result, too. you must be sooo thrilled. and you're right about all the anuses in the world, we can't do anything to change them and they can NOT be important enough to frig with our sobriety :)

  2. Great post Jen... I was curious about your run and it sounds like u blitzed it, so congrats. I keep getting the same message from so many sources, from the serenity prayer to books on codependency to books on Jungian psychology to books on relationships... For our own sakes we need to realize we can't control those around us. We can't make them less anusy (to coin a new phrase) and we certainly don't have to give them control over us by proxy. We can just control ourselves, our thoughts. Avoiding those that aggravate us is a great step. Have u thought of a message blocker app for your phone? They work a treat wen dealing with crazy x's.