Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Night ...Me Want That One Drink!

Dang it!  Just when I thought I had it licked....I get this huge urge to have a nice cold beer.  It's Friday, I'm tired, stressed, kids are loud, had a busy hectic week, ex is an asshole, dogs have shit and pissed in my house.

So I'm eating a king size chocolate bar and feel more pissed off because I've lost 16 pounds since July and chocolate surely won't help on the scale.

I want to take a nap, but my kids want my attention.  So I'm blogging just because I'm avoiding the need to hide in my room and relieve my stress with a nice cold one.

Yesterday I wrote really good reasons why I should avoid the first drink and I'm keeping all the shit in my head right now.  Today I need to remember why that first drink will hurt me ...not help me....

October 5th today ...a day of faith.   I continue to grow in my faith and ask God for strength this weekend.  I'll need it a lot!  Weekends are tough for me....and I know that it will be tough for some of you that have decided to "not pick up that one drink...."

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