Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Living Sober

So I picked up this book today.  It's an old one.  It's been stuffed in my closet for a couple of years and honestly, I only read a couple of pages.
It is a book that contains 31 tips on how some A.A. members stayed sober.

The first page has the following title.  "Why "not drinking""?

What I read was perfect timing for me because of my feelings of being able to drink socially.  I want to share that with you.

"Alcohol, aside from its addictive qualities, also has a psychological effect that modifies thinking and reasoning.  One drink can change the thinking of an alcoholic so that he feels he can tolerate another, and then another, and another....
The alcoholic can learn to completely control his disease, but the affliction (a cause of pain, suffering or distress) cannot be cured so that he can return to alcohol without adverse (contrary to one's  interest or welfare) consequences."

Now, I can sit here and say I knew that already because I do....but then my alcoholic mind says otherwise.   My alcoholic mind is not one like a non-alcoholic mind.   I have to remember that the words " One drink can...." are powerful.  I have to remember that on a daily basis.

The bottom line ....as it says in the book is that "Anyone can get sober.  We have all done it lots of times.  The trick is to stay and to live sober."

One drink can....

-get me drunk
-cause me to act like an idiot
-make me sick, literally
-make me stumble across the house
-numb my body and mind
-cause me to fall and get hurt
-cause me embarrassment
-make me loud and annoying
-can cause chaos in my life
-cause hurt in my children's eyes if they see me drunk
-cost money
-give me a hangover
-make me feel bad or angry
-make me regret that I had one to start with

God Bless!


  1. and the regret is just gross... probably the best part of being sober is no more regret. some days are hard, but nothing sucks quite as bad as hating yourself. Hugs from me.

  2. Could you maybe post some of the other tips in the book? Your list is great, unfortunately I can check most of the things off your list too :-(
    Take care