Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I'm just checking in to let my blogging friends know that I'm surviving my first week back to work, SOBER!  
I love being sober.  I seem to accomplish so much more.

I ran 13.4 KM tonight and I feel blessed to have the ability to run.  It's truly a gift and I'm so grateful that I have found the strength to pursue my goals to run a full marathon one day.  I know that with booze in my life, this would not be possible.  Booze made me tired and shitty and agitated.  Can't focus on my health with booze in my life so now it's gone.

I will register for a half marathon that will take place October 14th.  I feel like I will be ready and with this focus in my life, I'm sure to beat my alcohol cravings.

I find that focusing on something positive is helpful.   Setting goals without alcohol to distract you is helpful.

I'm not sure how many days it's been.  Haven't had time to calculate.  If anyone is bored you can do it for me and let me know k!  My quit date is July 16th.  I had two "cheat" days that must be deducted!  Thanks

My goal is to stay sober till July 16th, 2013!   One year!
Then, I'll go from there and decide my next steps!


  1. super great news, so glad to hear you sounding happy and strong :) running! busy! sober! all sounds good to me!

  2. well done Jen. And 13.4 kms - thats huge. And its 52 - 2. Your 50 DAY ANNIVERSARY !!!!!

  3. Awesome! Love it. You are doing sooooooo well. Great stuff. Yes - aim for one year and then aim for 5 and then aim for 20!! Ok, that's intense. Just stick with the one for now. Whatever gets you through. We are bigger and better and stronger and more powerful than that nasty booze. xxxx