Sunday, 2 September 2012

Checking In

I made it through the night thanks to a couple of things. First, Colleen and our promise to stay sober for 30 days.  Next, my sister, who I know will check my blog to see how I made out.  Next, my son who wanted to snuggle last night and watch a movie with me.  Lastly, a book I've been reading called "Finding Ultra" by Rich Roll. This book is a story about an alcoholic who is discovering himself.

Great reading material for us that want to find the strength to follow our dreams!

Just letting you know that it was effin tough last night. There were many drinking campfires going on here and many of my friends wanted me over to drink with them. I see some disappointment in their eyes when I tell them that I really don't want to drink, especially when I do want it so badly.  I felt lonely and isolated and boring again. 

Then again, my neighbour is still in bed, noon here.  I wonder who feels better today?  ME!


  1. Yay you!!!!!! The night you just described sounds pretty good to me (without the cravings, of course).

  2. BRAVO!!! And remember, you only have to stay sober TODAY. You can worry about tomorrow when it gets here. For now, your sober and you feel fantastic.


  3. Great stuff! Fantastic. Love those clear mornings, really I do. xxxx

  4. Good for you! Inspiring and strong x

  5. have i told you lately that you rock? rock rock rock rock.

  6. Hooray, you made it through! Well done for staying in the moment and remembering why sobriety is so important. Hang in there xo