Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 4

I'm at camp...sober...for the first time. I came in and was offered all kinds of booze. It is continuing and I'm sure it will be for a while tonight. My neighbour is extremely disappointed that I'm not drinking, thats for sure.
I'm having a tea and went for a run! (first one in a while). I feel good and will be grateful in the morning. I'm also very excited because my daughter noticed I wasn't drinking with everyone. I just told her I wasn't in the mood for now.....not sure where to go from that but I'm sure time will tell and words will come to mind. I'm grateful for your comments. They really give me strength knowing I'm not alone. I would love to talk to my husband but he would just say something like "here we go again". I don't feel much support from him. That's why I've chosen to start this blog.
I also want my kids to know that anything is possible, especially when they get older and face tough decisions in their lives.
Goodnight. Jen


  1. i also didn't tell my husband before I started, and i think you'll find that's a pretty common theme among us bloggers... my husband is perfectly supportive but i didn't want to answer a bunch of questions, and i didn't want to fail in front of him. i did my thing (alone) for 7 days, then i started blogging (thankfully!).

    i've been thinking about you a lot, and hoping that you're doing ok. the first few days are harder, because there are a lot of 'firsts' - first time you say no, first time you go to bed feeling excited, first time you're really tempted. You have to figure out what to drink instead, what to THINK instead... I know this isn't your first time doing this, but i can promise with some certainty that it not only gets easier, but it gets way freaking exciting :)

    hugs from cyberworld. i don't have to say "you can do it" (which may ring hollow)... instead I can say "Look! You ARE doing it...."

  2. I want to say everything Belle has said. My husband still thinks I am off booze "for a while" and knows nothing of my whole emotional journey to sober. This is the most selfish unselfish thing you can do, if you know what I mean. I was also so worried about telling others etc - but you just have to decide this is about you, you, you. You decide everything on this journey. Your neighbours shit is her shit. You have enough to deal with. I so wish you well and as Belle says you ARE here you ARE doing it. Cleo xx

  3. Thank you for your support girls! I am doing it and I'm excited about it! I feel so aware of things now. Aware of people and sounds. I almost have trouble sleeping because I hear everything around me. It's not like passing out after drinking That's for sure. You are truly my inspirations (amongst my children). Bless you