Sunday, 10 June 2012

Alcoholic searching for help!

Hello! I'm new to the blogging world! I am a very positive person and try to enjoy my life to the fullest extent. I have 3 beautiful healthy children, a great career, and a good outlook on life. I am able to do anything I put my mind to ...except quit drinking! I have been to a 21 day treatment centre, tried AA groups, left my husband, read many books...and I still find myself coming home after work looking forward to a nice cold beer or a glass of wine! Today, I've been hungover and exhausted from another late night of drinking at camp! It sucks. I've been looking at many different blogs, trying to find people to help me through this. I want to quit really badly! I'm tired and my body is tired! I thought if I reached out to people out here, I may end this drunken journey I've been on all my life and I may even be able to help someone along the way! I want to share my story with my friends, my family and anyone who is seeking the same thing I'm seeking! Freedom! Jen

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