Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day 2

I'm not sure how I pulled through this day without a cold beer.  It was extremely difficult and I feel like if it's this difficult everyday, I'll never make it. 
I got home after work and went right to bed.  My hubby let me sleep for 2 hours.  I woke feeling very anxious and thirsty.  I had the worst craving ever.  I made it to supper and then drank water.  I thought of booze every second, it seems. 
Last week, I went to a natural health food store and the woman there recommended I take a natural herb called GABA with Vitamin B.  She said it would help with cravings and give me a sense of relaxation that I search with alcohol.  I took 2 at 6ish this evening.  I must say, I felt energetic and quite happy.  I played with the kids, got my housework done, and have energy to work on my report cards (which are due Friday). 
I feel happy that I'm sober.  The word EMPOWERMENT popped up into my head a lot tonight!  I honestly thought I'd cave into this demon that is surrounding me. 
Sorry, I wasn't able to rotate picture.

I'll try this again for a few days and hope that it gets easier.  I know I have many challenges ahead of me.  It will especially be tough when I go to camp again next weekend. 
Goodnight for now!

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