Saturday, 24 November 2012

Are you focused?

Sometimes I feel so focused on my life and where I want to take it, that I could blow up with excitement!  Then I just lose track of that, and feel like I got hit by a Mac Truck!

Today, I'm focused.  I've been focused for a while.  My life has been extremely busy being a single mom, working full time and trying to make ends meet.   So, I haven't had much time for blogging.  I truly apologize to my blogging friends for this.

Things have been great!  I'm really focused on my health.  I could finally say that I don't focus my attention on booze as much as I use to in the past, but it's still there in the back of my head....always wondering if I can have a drink or two socially....sometimes thinking, it would be nice to get drunk today and forget about all the bullshit.  But, it's not very often.  I find myself so focused on my health and body that I would say I honestly don't want to drink.  I don't want to put that shit in my body anymore.  I want to feel healthy when I go to bed and wake up the same way.

I finally achieved my goal weight, losing 22 pounds since July 16th, when I started this journey!  I know it has a lot to do with me not drinking.  Booze kept me bloated and yucky and I don't want it anymore.

So, I try to stay focused on that.   It's tough.  We are surrounded by alcohol.  I'm actually sitting here at a hotel, for a hockey tournament for my son, and we all know what comes with that!  Parents in one room drinking, kids in the other.  Well, I stayed with my kids last night.  We watched a movie and had a good night sleep.   I have mixed feelings about this. Do people think I'm a snob?   Probably!  Do I care what they think?   Of course I do.   I'm a cool, fun chick and want them to know that.  But, they'll have to find out some other way, than with booze.   And if they don't, I have lots of friends.  This is one hockey season...they'll be gone next year.

I hope all is well in the blogging world.

Staying focused!   If you want to be healthy, get rid of the booze!  It's a tough tough decision, but you will reap the benefits sooner than you think!


  1. Great post! We are all surrounded by alcohol. All the bloody time. But hopefully we can get to a place where there's no wrestling with ourselves not to have any. Coz you know, who needs it?! xxx

  2. I thought I commented on this but maybe I didn't. Anyways, you are so right about being surrounded...but like Mrs. D says, who needs it? Amazing how drinking seems to go hand in hand with kid's sports nowadays.

  3. so happy to hear from you, have missed your lovely sunshiny voice :)